Sweet Almond Oil Elixir

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If you want healthy, luscious locks, you should use Sweet Almond Oil Elixir. A moisturizing conditioner for the scalp and hair. It moisturizes the scalp and hair with vitamins, protein, magnesium, calcium, and selenium. Our sebaceous glands release sebum to lubricate our scalp and hair. As we age, it slows down and underperforms, resulting in dry hair and scalp. This moisturizing treatment repairs and renews from the inside out. It can be used daily. It works for all hair types. We use PET bottles that can be recycled.

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What is it?

Sweet Almond Oil elixir is a nourishing oil that is comprised of minerals, vitamins, and protein, also contains omega 3 fatty acids working together to hydrate, cleanse the scalp, nourish the follicles, also keeps curls soft and smooth.


Sweet Almond Oil

Jojoba Oil

Vitamin E

Rosehip Oil

Moringa Oil

Honeysuckle Oil

How does it work?

Our Sweet Almond Oil Elixir is specifically formulated with beneficial natural compounds such as minerals, vitamins A, B, D and E, protein, oleic acid, and linoleic acid working together to cleanse the hair follicles and hydrate the scalp.

Sweet Almond Oil Elixir is a great moisturizer for hydration, humid weather, or high porosity hair, also contains emollients that rejuvenate your hair by filling in gaps at the cellular level making it less prone to breakage and split ends. Leaving it looking and feeling smoother.

It’s also a reliable source of protein, it’s loaded with magnesium, which helps with hair growth and helps maintain the overall health of your hair by keeping the scalp free of calcium deposits and product buildup, which can lead to hair loss.

No Parabens, Sulfates, Mineral Oils, Silicones, Gluten, DEA, Synthetic Fragrances nor Dyes.

How to Use

  1. For best results apply 2 – 3 times weekly, can be applied to wet or dry hair to improve hair health and growth. When used continuously, the chances are exceptionally good that you will achieve the effects that you desire.
  2. Other ways to apply:
    • Massage Sweet Almond oil elixir into your scalp to nourish hair, and make sure to put some on your ends, it does not require much, if you overdo it just dab excess with a clean dry towel. It is a great leave in conditioner and moisturizer to help strengthen and protect your hair.
    • Wash out after an hour or leave-in as an overnight treatment.
    • Try a DIY hot oil treatment by cautiously microwaving 2 to 3 Tbsp of oil for a few seconds in a container that is microwave safe, the amount of oil depends on the length and thickness of your hair.

At a Glance

  • Natural plant-based ingredients
  • High in protein encourages hair growth
  • An emollient to soften and moisturize  
  • Protects from dryness
  • Nourishing and rejuvenating qualities
  • Diminish split ends
  • Strengthens and repair from roots to ends
  • Improve hair’s shine and luster 
  • Antioxidants safeguard against sun damage 
  • Magnesium helps maintain healthy hair
  • Promotes thicker fuller hair

Our products are safe to use, however, some people may have a nut allergy or are allergic to other ingredients, it is always a good idea to do a test patch on the inside of wrist to rule out any possibilities of an allergic reaction before using it on your body.  This product is a topical application only, not intended for oral consumption.  If swallowed, get medical help. Keep out of reach of children and please recycle.

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  1. raybridge18 (verified owner)

    This product is great! I’m on my 4th bottle, THE PERFECT CONSISTENCY.

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