Our Story

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Our story dates back as early as 4500 BC when the Ancient Egyptians worked meticulously to create a variety of different sources of herbal and medicinal preparations, using what mother earth had to offer as a means of survival. Plants, trees, roots, leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits, and vegetable were used to create aromatic essential oils in perfumes and medicines. Plants have had a long-lasting history of medicinal use ever since, even today their medicinal properties are still sought after.

Although ancient techniques have been passed down generation to generation, essential oils obtained from natural compounds have been thoroughly researched and are used in a vast array of consumer products including MVP Hair Care products.

Our philosophy is simply, we believe that we no longer must sacrifice our precious health nor our environment to look and feel beautiful. As a company we do everything possible to offer solutions for the health and well-being of your hair because we care about you and we want your hair to feel great while looking good! Our products are designed with you in mind so you can rest assured that you have made the right choice for your hair care needs.

We developed our products based on a sound scientific knowledge of hair and rely on working closely with hair specialists from hairstylists to cosmetics manufacturers. To offer you a selection of 100% Natural Hair Oils, which can seal and penetrate at the same time. Select from your choice of Grapeseed Oil Elixir, Sweet Almond Oil Elixir, Aloe Vera Gel 100%, Brahmi Oil Elixir, Olive Oil Elixir, Avocado Oil Elixir, Watermelon Oil Elixir each contain essential Minerals, Vitamins, and Protein. Our elixirs are suitable for all hair types and textures, stimulate hair follicles to help naturally grow strong healthy hair, combats hair loss and thinning, reverse signs of aging hair, eliminate common hair problems, soothes scalp, and reduce inflammation. Our products will keep your beloved hair happy, healthy, full of vitality for years to come and they are made in the USA.

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